Bosch Powerstar ae125 Electric Tankless Water Heater And ae115

If you use a usual tank water heater that means the water is heated and the stored in a tank, which means it must be reheated every time it cools down. Using a tankless water heater is different. The heater only warms the water up when you use it.

Powerstar Electric tankless water heaters are a good choice. They are designed to last long. They also don’t store hot water so you don’t have to worry about rust. The Powerstar products are very easy to install, are of good quality and they have fair prices. To install them you just have to connect the hot and cold water fittings and the electric connections. Not only do they provide you with instant how water, but they also have a very good warranty. 10 years on the heat exchanger and 1 year on any other parts.

There are two models which are very similar to each other. I will try and tell you all you need to know about them. The models are AE 115 and AE 125. The efficiency of both these models is 95%, which is almost the maximum efficiency you can get. The heat exchanger is made out of rock solid copper. The switch they use for the flow is electronic.

The hot and cold water fittings are NPT 3/4 brass. They both use an external temperature control knob, which is very useful and makes it very easy to change the temperature. Activation rates are different for the two models. The AE 115 has an activation rate of 0.6 gallons per minute and the AE 125 has an activation rate of 0.8 gallons per minute.

Both of them have a filter screen on inlet. There is a thermal cut-out to improve the safety of the heaters. A good thing is that they don’t need a temperature or a pressure relief valve. One of the most important parts is the flow sensor which helps to keep a constant output temperature.

Both have a 10 year warranty. Comparing them to the tank water heaters, they are way more efficient, because the water doesn’t need to be reheated. This means energy is saved. The installation is very easy and convenient, because you can install them almost anywhere. As for the electronic convenience the Powerstar AE 115 provides 2.3 gallons of hot water with a 50°F rise and the AE 125 provides 3.7 gallons of hot water with a 50°F rise

So if you need a small and efficient electric tankless water heater. The best choice for you is Bosch Powerstar. It lasts long it saves money and is efficient!

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