Seisco Tankless Water Heaters

So anyway here  it goes we’ll give this a try  okay with this big section right here to  put right here and they said in the  instructions to remove all these and put  them on here so I’m going to try the the  big thing first that’s this side piece  here so let’s see how that goes  there you go teensy little rubber  o-rings here right there my vision my  packet so we’ll replace those with new  ones this is a silly wire connected to  it so let’s take him off he won’t  maybe we won’t  okay back after it  I got me a 7/16 wrench so I got tired of  not having the right wrench  all right  we go takes care of that go see what’s  going on there just kind of wobbly  wobbly we’re gonna set this baby right  there and get this baby over here I can  get after a little bit better okay like  that so now this is gonna go like so I  don’t think I’m gonna leave those where  they are  all right  you’ve got the heating elements in here  now here’s another heater although it’s  not in there too tight okay well here’s  the third element this is the element  from the chamber that was leaking I  cleaned up the o-ring as good as I could  and so here’s the last one  okay  seeing this baby out  okay now let’s tighten these babies up a  little bit now they said there’s some  kind of a heater ranch but they didn’t  give me that.

So I’ll turn and put these  in just good snug not too tight you just  mash not a little rubber o-ring  okay I think that’s about all that needs  put in a new tire okay there is that  okay there’s that  now the rest of this is just taking care  of these little sensors and switches and  stuff these guys right here so that  would be fun if they’re all held in with  o-rings  now we’ll see how this  okay I got just the more to do we got to  take these screws off here these are  what hold it to the sheet metal frame  keep the DPF metal sheet metal frame  okay so that takes care of that you can  send this back to Sara with our regards  next we won’t put the sheet metal frame  on here this is where it was leaking  right here you can see the build-up  calcium buildup from the water dripping  not a good thing so  trying to get this baby back together  you’re on your own camera oh hello  that’s right well here we are back in  the back in the closet I remounted it  remounted the tank on the wall and refit  the the unions here at the top and  gently I opened up the the drain to the  sink opened up a couple of drain faucets  this actually goes to our master  bathroom so I opened up the shower and  the two sinks we’ve got in there and the  hot water side of course and open this  up and I gently cracked the inlet here I  could hear the water grab a little girl  through there and let it run for a while  and and then.

I could hear the air  bubbles circulate through here and then  at the faucet end you could see the air  bubbles spitting coming up the faucet  stuff but after a while that that slowed  down and I got good flow and then opened  up the valve a little more to get full  pressure and no leaks which is a little  amazing but since there’s so many  fittings on here and they’re just little  tiny rubber o-rings supporting these  holding these sealing these sealed  surfaces here I’m really kind of  surprised they all held closely  give me a replacement for the heating  coils and they’re the one that was  leaking that o-ring was all calcium dup  and the plumbers that came in that found  the tank was bad they put plumber’s  putty on there and gooped it up pretty  good so I took a little time and cleaned  that up clean it all off and everything  and I’ve got a real bright flashlight so  I could shine on there and see any  particles and stuff so I got everything  off and clean it that had a secret to  success here it was cleaning these  surfaces before I reinstalled these  different thermostats and limit switches  and heaters so that was the that was the  secret I think.

I’m going to let this  thing run overnight I mean I’m going to  leave it  I’m not going to drain the water out for  overnight but I’m gonna let it stay  pressurized for 24 hours I’ll check from  time to time see if there’s any leaks  down here in the pan and if there’s not  then tomorrow night I’ll install the PC  board and rehook up the line and do this  thing a smoke test that would be fun so  anyway until tomorrow see you then  well here we are back in the closet  this time we have the control board okay  and basically it’s just held in place by  four screws with plastic washers on them  and this little screw into the the water  tank and it’s got these Triax here it’s  got four of them  that’s what switches the the AC to the  heating element and so those mount to  the copper pipe heat sink to keep them  nice and cool and there’s some white  what they call heat sink compound that  is really available at Radio Shack or  online this is called heat sink compound  it doesn’t take much in fact when size  goes sent the parts they put in a little  baggie with a little dab of heat sink  compound in it it’s not going to take  much but a little bit goes a long way so  it’s going to screw in like.

So I’m not  gonna be able to do that on camera so  I’m gonna stop the camera right now get  it screwed into place and we’ll pick it  up after that okay okay so now we’ve got  the PC board mounted to the a water tank  with four screws for the under the water  tank and then four screws that hold down  the tracks to the heat sink so here’s  the four screws that hold down the PC  board right here here in here and then  the the tracks are sunk through this  metal to metal contact  and this is a is a copper obviously when  waters running it will be water-cooled  can’t get much better than that and  they’re just four screws for that you  just have to make sure they they line up  as close as possible so you don’t have  to move these tracks too much because  they’re just soldered to the board and  if the spacing became offset too much  and you tried to push the track so you  could get the screw in to mount it it’s  possible that could come off the the PC  board so we want to be careful with that  that.

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